• Applicable OS: Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX
  • Verification of effectiveness for the hardening implemented on a tested device
  • Checking shared network services, running processes, disc space division to corresponding areas, implemented security mechanisms
  • Checking permissions to key resources
  • Checking the implemented update installation mechanisms, backup creation and the event logging system

Business benefits:

  • Professional IT security level assessment
  • Remedy plan for the existing system configuration
  • Enhanced credibility to business partners and clients
  • Reduced risk system data leaks
  • Increased security for obtaining business objectives
  • Greater awareness, among both the management and the staff, regarding the existing and potential threats

The service delivery time as well as cost depend on the number of inspected systems. For a detailed offer, please contact us in the way most convenient for you by phone, email, or the form below:

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