Our training offer is addressed not only to IT specialists, but also to company management and any staff whose duties entail contact with IT infrastructure or part of it. Having completed a training, the participants receive certificates to confirm their competence in the relevant respect. For detailed training program, please use the application form and we will provide you with all the required data.

Reverse engineering in IA-32 architecture within MS Windows environment

In simple words, reverse engineering means all the processes needed to rebuild a given item in order to define its production method and principles of operation. From IT perspective, it constitutes a vital field of knowledge allowing to analyze malware.

Responding to a demand for that kind of information, STM Cyber engineers have developed a special training aimed at introducing the topic of reverse engineering. The training consists of the theoretical and the practical segments. The training closes with the expert running a sample malware analysis.

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Hacking web applications in practice

The training aims to raise the participants’ awareness of threats web applications may be exposed to. It presents contemporary attack techniques and indicates effective ways to prevent them. Practical application of the information obtained during the training allows to build applications that can resist an attempted attack and to introduce appropriate protections to the existing ones.

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Introduction to the art of creating exploits

An exploit is a program using software loopholes and bugs so as to by-pass their protective measures and take them over. The theoretical segment of the training is aimed at introducing the participants into the problem of exploits by presenting the relevant methodology, with special attention being put on code syntax, demonstrating the necessary programming tools, outlining attack vectors, as well as error identification methods. The practical part, on the other hand, allows the participants to attempt to create their own exploits under the expert’s supervision.

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Corporate IT security

Contrary to a common misconception, IT security stems from not only from the protective measures featured in applications, networks, or IT systems, but also from the level of awareness represented by those who use them. Research results defining the scale of the problem leave no doubt – on a whole* businesses remain vulnerable to hacking attacks and unaware staff pose a significant threat to the safety of confidential business information.

Business competitiveness and company reputation depend largely on the way an organization handles information security, IT infrastructure and their customers’ data. In order to help businesses enhance their performance in this respect, STM Cyber offers training designed to equip your staff with the necessary knowledge on the subject and familiarize them with threats related to the use of IT systems, extending their security awareness.

Unfortunately, what you learn about IT security today quickly becomes outdated due to the incredibly dynamic nature of the phenomenon. Therefore, developing appropriate habits regarding data protection can be achieved only by shaping strong awareness of the problem. STM Solutions offers customized training taking into consideration the conditions existing in the Client’s organization (each training may be preceded by profiled tests, which include simulated social engineering attacks ) to define the required scope by identifying potential threats in the existing environment. The participants will find out how to recognize social engineering attacks and how to respond when faced by a potential threat.

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