• Verifying proper configuration of devices included in the implemented system (both for access within LAN and WLAN networks)
  • Configuration of central devices in charge of system operation
  • Configuration of sample LAN and WLAN network switches
  • Configuration of the 802.1x supplicant on work stations equipped with Windows, Linux, and MacOS systems, using X.509 certificate-based authorization
  • Configuration of other devices, such as printers, IP phones, video terminals, using other authorization methods
  • Verifying event logging scope completeness of devices related to network access and the possibility to detect abuse


  • The fundamental part of the tests comes from active verification of the possibility to breach security and gain unauthorized network access
  • The goal is to spot programming, configuration, and logic flaws related to the app’s operation without access to its code or configuration files
  • The methodology used in testing incorporates best practices described in the OWASP document entitled „OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks”
  • On concluding the tests, the final report is delivered in electronic format, containing the description and proof of detected vulnerabilities, as well as recommendations on how to remedy the flaws

Business benefits:

  • Professional evaluation of security level of the company’s network infrastructure
  • Reduced risk related to attacks on network architecture users
  • Reduced risk related to attacks targeting the company through abusing vulnerabilities in the company’s network infrastructure
  • Increased safety for business objective realization
  • Credibility with business partners and customers
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